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PostSubject: *Application*   *Application* EmptyTue May 31, 2011 6:00 am

Fill out this application and post it as a new thread in this section. The subject name of the topic should be "[your name]'s Application".

Someone will respond to your application within 3 days.

Quote :
Screen Name:
Steam Account:
Referred by:

Name should be your real name (your first name only is fine).
Screen Name is usually what you go by in games. Often it'll be the same, but if you have several different ones, list the one you use most.
Age should have your age. We are a 14+ clan, but rare exceptions may be made.
Steam account is required. For now, we do all our voice chats through Steam, both in game and out. Chances are you have Steam already, but go ahead and give us your name so we can add you as a friend if you join.
Country is on the application because it's always interesting to learn where someone is from.
A headset is not required, but preferred. Being able to talk strategy does wonders for team work in game. If you don't have one, it still helps to listen in to the chat.
The comments on the application is just anything you think we should know about you.
If someone in the clan recurited you, be sure to name them.

Look at our example application if you are having trouble.

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